Intellian OW70L-Dac OneWeb Enterprise Dual Parabolic Terminal

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70.00 KGS
77.00 (cm)
84.50 (cm)
73.00 (cm)
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Intellian OW70L-Dac OneWeb Enterprise Dual Parabolic Terminal

  • High performance system
  • Fast speed and low latency
  • Affordable services in remote areas
  • Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation

Your Gateway to Seamless Connectivity

Experience the power of OneWeb's groundbreaking Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation with the Intellian OW70L-Dac, a cutting-edge land-based user terminal for OneWeb's dual parabolic antenna system. Designed to revolutionize connectivity in remote and challenging environments, this dual parabolic user terminal provides unparalleled performance, ease of deployment, and high-speed, low-latency connectivity.

Unmatched Performance for Uninterrupted Connectivity

With the OW70L-Dac, you can say goodbye to connectivity issues and embrace a world of low latency and fast-speed internet. Powered by OneWeb's global coverage satellite constellation, including both poles, this user terminal ensures reliable, fiber-like high-speed, low-latency connectivity to remote customers where terrestrial fiber connections are not possible. The OW70L-Dac operates in the Ku-Band for minimum rain fade, delivering unmatchable high-throughput, low-latency connectivity for a seamless user experience.

Easily deployable system

Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, the OW70L-Dac is light in weight and designed for easy installation. With only a single cable needed to provide data and power between indoor and outdoor units, installation time is significantly reduced, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.

High-performance user terminal

The technology behind our OW70L-Dac dual parabolic antennas integrates complex satellite communications technology into a simple user terminal specifically designed to meet the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises. The OW70L-Dac offers enhanced performance and high capacity connectivity at an affordable price, surpassing traditional VSAT systems. Experience fast-speed, low-latency, and high-capacity connectivity for improved productivity.

LEO satellite scan and tracking algorithm

The Intellian OW70L-Dac provides seamless, undisrupted connectivity through a primary-secondary dual dome solution, ensuring consistent connection during LEO satellite handovers. Its proven tracking performance is achieved by precise technology, allowing the secondary antenna to track a rising satellite before the primary antenna loses a falling satellite. This advanced algorithm guarantees uninterrupted connectivity and maximizes the efficiency of your satellite communications.

12 dB/K antennas with 3-axis stabilization

The OW70L-Dac features 12 dB/K parabolic antennas with 3-axis stabilization, allowing for easy tracking of LEO satellites. The responsive cross-level beam ensures accurate pointing even when the elevation angle approaches ±90 degrees. With its 'Keyhole problem' avoidance design, the OW70L-Dac maintains normal tracking even when the satellite is directly overhead, eliminating signal loss and ensuring reliable connectivity in all conditions.

Embrace the future of connectivity with the Intellian OW70L-Dac. Whether you are in a remote or challenging environment, this user terminal empowers you with low latency, fast-speed, and uninterrupted connectivity, unlocking new possibilities for your business or personal needs. Stay connected, stay productive, and experience the next level of satellite communications.


Technical Specifications

  • Radome Dimension 84.5cm x 77cm / 33.3in x 30.3in
  • Reflector Diameter 73cm / 28.7in
  • Indoor Dimensions 3.52cm x 12.5cm x 11.4cm / 1.38in x 4.92in x 4.49in
  • Primary Antenna Weight 33.0kg / 72.8Ibs
  • Secondary Antenna Weight 32.0kg/70.5Ibs
  • Indoor Unit Weight 0.25kg / 0.55 bs
  • Azimuth Range -300° to +300°
  • Elevation Range -59° to 59°
  • Cross-level Range ± 10°
  • TX Frequency 14 GHz ~ 14.5 GHz
  • RX Frequency 10.7 GHz ~ 12.7 GHz
  • TX Gain 38.4 dBi
  • RX Gain 36.0 dBi
  • G/T 12.2 dB/K (@11.8 GHz)
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