Intellian OW50SL-Dac OneWeb Enterprise Single Parabolic Terminal

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50.00 KGS
53.00 (cm)
57.70 (cm)
73.50 (cm)
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Intellian OW50SL-Dac OneWeb Enterprise Single Parabolic Terminal

  • OneWeb LEO constellation connectivity for global coverage
  • Rapid retrace time for seamless satellite handovers
  • Reliable broadband services in extreme temperatures
  • Simplified installation with lightweight design and single cable connection
  • High-speed and low-latency internet in remote locations
  • Two-axis stabilization platform for accurate motion detection
  • Ideal for enterprises seeking cost-effective satellite communication

Stay connected like never before with the Intellian OW50SL-Dac OneWeb Enterprise Single Parabolic Terminal. This cutting-edge user terminal harnesses the power of the OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, providing high-speed, low-latency internet connectivity to small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide.

Unparalleled Performance for Your Needs

Experience enhanced performance with the OW50SL. Featuring a 53cm / 20.87in reflector, this single dome user terminal delivers an impressive 9 dB/K G/T. Its two-axis stabilization platform ensures exceptional motion detection accuracy, making it perfect for deployment in residential areas and small businesses. With the OW50SL, you can enjoy seamless satellite communication at an affordable cost.

Lightning-Fast Retrace Time

Say goodbye to downtime caused by satellite handovers. The innovative design of the OW50SL enables rapid retracing between falling and rising satellites with just a single parabolic terminal. In less than a second, you can seamlessly switch between satellite connections. Thanks to its keyhole-Free design, the OW50SL can even track satellites directly overhead, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Unleashing the Power of OneWeb LEO Constellation

With the OneWeb LEO constellation, the OW50SL unlocks unparalleled global connectivity. No matter how remote your location, OneWeb's 648 satellite network delivers high-speed internet connectivity to every corner of the world. Experience the freedom of staying connected, even in areas where traditional connections are not possible.

Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the OW50SL incorporates the latest heating device technology, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. As the only LEO constellation committed to 100% coverage of the poles, OneWeb guarantees affordable and dependable broadband services for remote customers.

Streamlined Installation for Efficiency

Simplify your installation process with the OW50SL. Its lightweight design allows for easy single-person installation, saving you both time and money. The terminal features a convenient single cable connection, efficiently transmitting both data and power between the indoor and outdoor units. Get up and running quickly, so you can enjoy the benefits of seamless satellite connectivity without hassle.

Upgrade your enterprise's communication capabilities with the Intellian OW50SL-Dac OneWeb Enterprise Single Parabolic Terminal. Experience unmatched performance, reliability, and simplicity in satellite communication. Stay connected, wherever your business takes you.


Technical Specifications

  • Radome Height: 57.7 cm / 22.7in
  • Radome Diameter: 73.5 cm / 28.9in
  • Reflector Diameter: 53.0 cm / 20.8in
  • Indoor Unit: 3.52cm x 12.5cm x 11.4cm / 1.38in x 4.92in x 4.49in
  • 23.0 kg / 50.7 lbs
  • 23.3 kg / 51.4 lbs with Heating Module Installed
  • Indoor Unit: 0.25 kg / 0.55 Ibs
  • Power Requirement: +56 VDC (from supplied AC/DC adapter (100~240 VAC))
  • LED: Power / Ethernet Access / MoCa Connection
  • Reset Button
Data Network
  • Azimuth Range: -300° to +300°
  • Elevation Range: -90° to +90°
  • Cross-level Range: -59° to +59°
  • Tx Frequency: 14.0 ~ 14.5 GHz
  • Tx Gain: 34.9 dBi
  • Rx Frequency: 10.7 ~ 12.7 GHz
  • Rx Gain: 33.4 dBi
  • EIRP: 33.6 dBW / 20 MHz
  • G/T: 9.3 dB/K (@11.8 GHz)
  • Polarization: Circular (Tx: LHCP, Rx: RHCP)
  • Retrace time: less than 750ms
  • Interface: RJ45 Ethernet Port, RG6 / RG11 MoCA Port
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