Intellian i4 Most Popular Size US System with 45cm (17.7 inch) Reflector & All-Americas LNB

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Product Overview

Popular size with higher performance

45cm reflector diameter with nationwide coverage for North America, Europe and the regional service around the globe.

Faster signal acquisition

Intellian’s exclusive Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm allows the antenna to search, find and lock on to a signal with incredible speed and accuracy.

Simple & Easy installation

With a single cable to connect the antenna and the ACU, Intellian i4 /i4P systems are quick and easy to install. Our advanced ACU is designed to require minimum setup so you can begin to enjoy TV programs aboard your boat in no time.

User-friendly operation

Antenna Control Unit (ACU), which is supplied as a default package, gives you the user-friendly operation for various function.

Wireless connectivity & Aptus mobile

The built-in Wi-Fi enables the ACU to be wirelessly connected. PCs, laptops and smartphones can be used to connect to the ACU and monitor, control and change the settings of the system wirelessly. Intellian Aptus mobile is available for download to access to the ACU via Wi-Fi and operate the antenna from their iPhone, iPad or other network devices. iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Tune in your favorite HDTV channels

Intellian’s i4/i4P provides HD channels from the Ku- band. The HD module is built-in to the Antenna Control Unit of the Intellian i4/i4P for seamless integration and easy installation.

Built-in GPS

The Intellian i4/i4P includes a built-in GPS for easier operation and faster signal acquisition. It allows the i4/i4P to have higher accuracy and easy operation wherever the vessel sails.


1. Regular i-Series systems do not include MIM (Multi-satellite Interface Module).
Specify with order to buy external MIM. (i2DN, i2DNSB, i3DN, i3DNSB Packages a MIM is supplied)

2. US & Canadian satellites use circular polarization. Premium model with Auto Skew is not required.
3. i-series antennas are compatible with Ku-band SD & HD programming from service provider. HD only on DISH Network


(No reviews yet) Write a Review