Cobham SAILOR 600 XTR GX-R2

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60.00 KGS
90.00 (cm)
113.00 (cm)
90.00 (cm)
$47,185.00 - $52,365.00
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Light, Rugged, Future-proof

SAILOR 600 XTR GX-R2 is built to withstand the toughest sea conditions and still deliver high bandwidth connectivity on Inmarsat Fleet XpressTM. It is the fastest tracking antenna available in the 60 cm class and features superior dynamic performance in all axes (roll, pitch and yaw) so vessels more affected by rough seas can now benefit from high service availability regardless of conditions.

Based on the new generation SAILOR XTR technology platform, the SAILOR 600 XTR GX-R2 features an advanced RF package with new Ka-band transceiver (XCVR) and feed horn which supports dual-polarisation and wide-band Ka, making it ready to take advantage of Inmarsat’s future satellite constellations.

Next Generation Feature-set

Because SAILOR 600 XTR GX-R2 leverages the SAILOR XTR platform, it benefits from sophisticated Rapid Deployment Technology, which reduces installation complexity and cost. This unique set of capabilities and features including the XTRTM Installation Wizard and a true one- cable solution.

SAILOR XTR introduces technical features including the new XTR Antenna System Control Module inside the Above Deck Unit (ADU) with a lightning-fast processor as the heart of the new modular star network component topology, with deep self-diagnostics capabilities and extended, highly secure remote access. Additionally, fully integrated IoT protocols enable on-demand antenna health and performance data, and unique ‘in-dome’ Ethernet accommodates simple integration of third-party services such as Wi-Fi or cellular.

  • Rapid deployment technology- true one-cable, software-controlled solution
  • Best-in-class RF performance - end-users get more value from their investment
  • Powerful new controller and motors - improved performance on all levels
  • Built-in flexibility - ready to deliver now and on future Inmarsat GX constellations
  • Dual antenna operation - reliable automatic switching between two antennas
  • New secure software platform - protects against cyber security risks
  • New pedestal simplified design - to improve mechanical performance
  • Easy servicing and operation - enable higher QoS and business continuity
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