Cobham Sea Tel 2400-56, C/Ku, 144 In

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830.00 KGS
366.00 (cm)
417.00 (cm)
366.00 (cm)
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Sea Tel 2400 – a modern IT solution built for tomorrow’s needs on thefield-proven heritage of today’s leading brand.

A Platform Designed for Scalability– invest at your own pace
Single, Dual, or Triband: invest in what you need today without sacrificing what you will want tomorrow. The Sea Tel 2400 brings choice as the end user will have a single antenna pedestal capable of supporting C Band, Ku Band and Ka Band in any combination they desire. Capable of operating in any orbit, including LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO, Sea Tel 2400 is the most versatile solution in the industry. Businesses can scale IT investment to suit their digital roadmap with a platform that enables flexibility. Service providers can build 100% orbit and network agnostic on-demand managed service offerings to meet evolving customer needs.

Unmatched Efficiency & Throughput – True 2.4m Performance Across All Frequencies
Built upon a legacy of over 30 years of research, development and customer collaboration, Cobham SATCOM has invested significantly in enhancing the new design to push performance. The RF architecture offers the most efficient design in the industry allowing for almost double the RF power with the same size antenna, easily outperforming all other offerings. The improved RF performance is driven by a number of factors including superior cross-pol isolation at Ku band; full transmit waveguide to keep the amplifiers for both transmit and receive close to the feed (OMT) to minimize loss whilst increasing RF performance; and finally full illumination of the Ka tolerant reflector as another way of reducing loss of performance. Furthermore, Sea Tel 2400’s RF payload design allows the system to support far greater amplifier power in all bands than any other option. Existing Sea Tel systems in operation today exceed 2Kw in RF power operating in C and Ku-band. The Sea Tel 2400 supports Ka-band amplifiers up to 160W today.

Robust Design & Ease of Installation
One of the most important design considerations for any system is the pointing accuracy and stability of the antenna to ensure it stays on satellite whatever happens. Cobham SATCOM invented the stabilized antenna systems and continues to lead the market in terms of robustness, vibration and shock tolerance. The Sea Tel 2400 is no exception and has passed rigorous testing to include IEC 60945 and MIL 901D class B testing for shock and vibration as well as temperature testing to ensure the Sea Tel 2400 will continue to operate and survive in the harshest environments experienced at sea. The robust antenna design allows the antenna to absorb a tremendous level of shock and vibrations with no impact on performance or longevity of the system. Shipped in two crates in three preassembled units, the system is easily installed in a single day. As the installation footprint is identical to that of Sea Tel 9711, there is no need to change platforms when upgrading to the Sea Tel 2400. The Sea Tel 2400 series allows customers to purchase a dual band system now and upgrade to Triband whenever you decide to do so. There is no longer a need to tie up capital for equipment now that you will not use for a year or two – or may not be certain that you will ever need it in the future. With the Sea Tel 2400 you are ready for the future. What you purchase today will be ready for the demands of tomorrow.

he 9711 IMA C/Ku system powers HTS for more global offshore enterprises than any other brand today, unlocking new capabilities through unmatched performance and reliability. But, staying agile in the modern business environment demands greater flexibility than ever before. Managed IT service providers must position themselves to adapt quickly and cost effectively in delivering the desired customer outcome. Business decision makers increasingly expect a frictionless experience.

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  • Ku Band BUC P/N 88-207565-100 IBUC, TERRASAT, Ku, 100W (Qty 1)
  • C Band BUC P/N 88-207564-200 IBUC, TERRASAT, C, 200W (Qty 1)
  • Ka Band BUC P/N 88-208198-040 PA, SSPA, Ka BAND, 40W, 27.5-31 GHz, 36-60 VDC
  • Ku BandLNB P/N 136128-2 LNB, SMW, QUAD LO, KU BAND, TYPE N (Qty2)
  • C Band LNB P/N 88-207908-120N LNB, C BAND NORSAT 3120N-3 (Qty 1)
  • Ka Band LNB P/N 88-208055-000 LNB, SMW KA TRI BAND, 17.5-20.2 GHz, N (Qty 2)
  • A/C P/N 62-161494 AIR CONDITIONER ASSY, INTERNAL, 208/240V, 50/60 HZ
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