Avcom SNG-2500C Rack Mount SNG Display Wideband Spectrum Analyzer

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2.30 KGS
42.54 (cm)
12.70 (cm)
21.27 (cm)
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Direct Replacement for TEK 1705A

Designed for satellite news gathering, the SNG is an excellent, cost effective upgrade to the discontinued Tektronix 1705A with a feature set that is second to none, giving the Satellite Technician a very useful tool for finding and peaking on satel- lites. The SNG is not only a spectrum analyzer but also a carrier monitor. The SNG also offers L.O. Frequency Offsets which al- lows the operator to display the frequency in L-Band, C-Band, Ku-Band, or any custom band needed.

Improved Performance & Specifications

The SNG is designed for the measurement of communications and broadcast carriers, making uplink, downlink, L-band carriers, IF, and 10MHz reference signals easy to monitor and measure. The SNG provides excellent frequency and amplitude accuracy along with RBW selection from 10kHz to 1MHz. This is required to allow viewing and monitoring of small Telemetry, Tracking, Command Systems (TT&C), and data carriers found in many satellite communications mar- kets today. The front panel can control Frequency & Span with settings for Fine, Medium, and Coarse to allow the operator to dial into the carrier and control the display as needed. The use of persistence, averaging, or waterfall tools allow periodic signals like TDMA or noisy carriers to be more easily detected.

Versatile Remote Control Software

The SNG can be monitored and controlled both locally from the front panel and remotely using the Avcom Remote Control Software via serial port or Ethernet. The Remote Control Software has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use with no special training required. It allows remote monitoring and control from your network or over the internet. Features include screen shot capture record- ing, SNMP for alarm/monitoring, cross-polling, markers, and Automated Data Acquisition (DAQ) with tolerance comparison, and integrated email alerts to name a few. Up to twelve windows can be displayed at one time. The Remote Control Software is available for Windows.

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  • Simple and easy to use design at a low price
  • 10 customizable presets
  • VGA color display
  • Fits into Tektonix 1700 series dual mount tub
  • Fast refresh rates up to 13/sec
  • Full remote control monitoring via Ethernet/RS-232 using free remote control software
  • Up to 6 customizable inputs available
  • L.O. frequency offsets for direct frequency readout
  • 50 user memory locations
  • Options include rackmounts, extended amplitude range solutions, down converters for extended frequency coverage, and LNB power
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